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Taking, snagging, stealing, grabbing
I'm gonna go shnake some grub.

Hey, can you shnake that sandwich for me while you're up.
by angelnine9 March 20, 2004
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A person who is a player with the birds.

First used in Clifden, Ireland by a gobshite called John O'Sullivan.
John O: Ya Shnake ya!
Davy B: Ho Ho!
by Davy Black November 10, 2007
A typical native of county Kerry, Ireland. A sneaky person who looks out for number one and has only their own interests at heart. Derivative of snake
He shnaked out of being the designated driver.

That Daithi is an awful shnake.

Sure they're all shnakes in Kerry.
by DaithiMacLiam December 21, 2013
To give someone a beatdown of absolutely barbaric proprotions.
Listen up buddy, if you don't shut up I will shnake you.
by sheign June 06, 2005

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