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a she+man+whore or a shman whore
Is that a guy or a girl, because she/he looks like a total shmore.
by Highlights August 02, 2011
A combination of the a "smut" and a "whore". Originated in Morrisville PA.
Yeah, I'm down with the bitches and the shmores.
by Danny Mourre November 01, 2007
a s'more (graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker)
Coach: "Did you ladies put the sh'more on my desk?"
Lovely Ladies: "The what?"
Coach: "Sh'more."
Lovely Ladies: "Oh, you mean s'more. No, we did not."
Coach: "I could have sworn it had your names all over it."
by not a word connoisseur August 22, 2014
1. a chocolate covered cream puff with sprinkles
2.a flying band of monkeys with seven symbold crashing on each ass cheek of their originating exponent
3.on wedenesdays, PEMDAS rename a fellow bird with angus beef attached to his left wing in the mid-winter season following december's granola bars discovered originally by Senor Arthur McBright and company troubadors shoot someone in the face while eating yellow popcorn on a bright sunny day with Beto Chavez in Montebelllo High School
The dusty shmore was found inside grandma's itchy lechuga pants.
by CJ, Ze Random King of Camelot December 09, 2004
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