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A more than awesome way to say "sexy"
Thats one shmexy turtle you got there.
by Jenna <3 September 03, 2005
A variant of 'sexy', commonly utilized in sarcastic, or cynical comments. Also used by those with an aversion to the word 'sexy'.
You look amazingly shmexy in that over-sized purple snowsuit. You also look like Barney.
by Désirée October 22, 2004
1)similar to smexy but with an H
2) more than just sexy
3) Slang For Sexy
oooh Dahmn That boy is soo Smexy!!!
Naw girl. He's Shmexy!!!
by ASLN!!!! April 10, 2007
A funner way to say someone's a hot or sexy person. A shmexy person is someone you'd like to have sex with.
Damn, Micheal is looking shmexy today!
by Emilija June 29, 2007
super hot
Damn, that girl is hot... she fine.
(Damn, she shmexy- another way of saying this)
by leroy jenkinz November 07, 2007
1.)Another way to say SEXY.
2.)A combination of SEXY, SMOKING AND HOT
3.)A greater way to describe a VERY HOT PERSON.
That boy was very shmexy.
by oak los alamitos May 06, 2009
someone who is both smart and sexy
that guy is soo friggen shmexy!
by kaie May 26, 2008
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