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"sex" or Shmexual "sexy", relating to something or someone.
if someone is propper hott! they are the Shmex

or if you want to sleep with some one you want to shmex them!

If someone is reffering to their sexual conquests the night before they may say "I had some propper good shmexin goin on last night"
by Embop & Shell November 28, 2005
Basically. It can mean anything. It can be used as a adjective or verb. One can use the word Shmex anywhere where one perfers.
"That purse is so shmex!
"I shmexed her last night"
"Your going to germany? That is so shmex"
"oh god, I want to shmex him.
by Fedeshnika February 19, 2007

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