The dried crusty substance in the crotch of a woman's panties after she was wet.
She peeled off her panties, and I noticed a slight shmegma deposit in the crotch of her panties.
by John ZZZ March 09, 2006
Flouids and other disgusting things that come out of a beaten dead chinease womens mouth.
First you must find a partner as sick as you are then you must find a recently deceased chinease women, then you must hang her from a tree by her feet after one person gets a baseball bat and proceeds to whack her in the stoumach what comes out of the copses mouth thus far is shmegma.
by Sir Vanliktenstein December 31, 2010
The crust the grows under an uncircumsized penis. Boogery and gross.
Andrew Jiras eats shmegma.
by Andrew Rubio April 27, 2005
testicular ball sweat, due to hot temperatures and/or exercise.
My tennis compression shorts are soaked with shmegma, it smells disgusting and is all wet.
by Chad Vasquez May 01, 2007
It is the substance that lubricates around the rim of the penis that helps to pull back the fourskin and cleanse it
the shmegma if not cleanses gets very cake like and makes it hard to move back the fourskin.
by amanda July 29, 2003
old semen left in the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.
I dont suck uncircumcised dick in fear of getting a mouth full 'a shmegma...
by TheShivers February 19, 2003
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