a sound to indicate huge excitement.
me:shmee! i heard the most amazing thing yesterday!
friends: what??!!
by k8y January 20, 2006
A power word/sound uttered accompanied by a retarded face which one uses as they touch another, causing said person touched to orgasm uncontrollably. can be used if sex fails, trying to bribe someone, being held hostage at gun point. there is a small lapse in time before effect, allowing the touched to wonder wtf? why are they touching me, making that stupid face and retarded sound? after "shmee" has taken effect those touched will drop whatever they are doing and begin to writhe in absolute ecstasy. Especially useful for those being threatened, giving them time to be escape from danger. The Brohirrim (a group of gents from brampton ontario) are currently the only able to use this mystical power
Ice gelatin vendor- " your green iced gealtin will cost you $3 sir.

One with the power of "shmee"- "$3 you say? that price seems a little steep for such a small amount of iced gelatin"

Iced gelatin vendor- "i apologize sir but all our prices are fixed"

One with the power of "shmee"-*SHMEE*

iced gelatin vendor-"DEAR GOD...OH..DEAR...GOD... I believe that gelatin is actually only $1 sir.

One with the power of "Shmee"- "thank you"
by Danicus1212 January 22, 2007
Any type of feline, usually a domesticated house cat.
Jane has a cute shmee named Fat Joe. He looks like his brother, Jerald.
by P-town homie September 26, 2006
a term you use when you want to get a queers attention.... kinda like a friend of mine by the name of spencer. He is such a shmee.
"Look at that faggot over there"
"yeah he prolly sucks balls"
"talk about a real shmee"
by Slimslope May 11, 2006
An exclamation used to express the likelihood that a course of action is not worth its effort. The term is loosely synonymous with meh, but with more zest.
"Hey, can you pick me up later on?"

by Mike August 24, 2008
shmee means tea as in the drink, a cup of shmee
nick: hey leki want a cup of...shmeeeeee?
leki: damn fuckin right i do
by nickface shabadoo April 21, 2006
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