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Someone who is quite cute, very lovable, and bashful at times. A shmee can be your best friend, boyfriend, or small dog. Shmee's can be stinky little guys and tend to blame his/her stink on others. Everyone has a shmee in their lives.
Used in a sentence. "You're such a schmee" or "Hey guys! Look at that schmee" "shmee, i love you"
by Pismo Clams February 10, 2014
a brown-haired girl who lives in buttfuck nowhere and is awkward af around boys.
"damn emily lewis is such a shmee!"

"yeah man, everyone knows that"
by emily69 October 19, 2012
Another word for cute or adorable
"Hey Natalie, Look at that Norman the hamster"

"Aww he's sooooo shmee Emma"
by Ematalie Wheelsdale September 24, 2009
A word that really chill people scream at the top of their lungs in a very loud, obnoxious, sound with a slight asian accent.
It is usually used for answering a question positivley.
"Are you going to the party tonight"
he/she then replys
" Yaah kid party, Shmee"
by Witz Ked Yaah May 27, 2009
an uncircumcised penis. usually containing shmegma in the folds.
"Nice Shmee, Barry Goldstein!"

"He insulted our family's mahtzah recipe, so I whipped him in the face with my shmee!"
by Shmurtis April 19, 2009
A word that expresses aggravation, angst, or exasperation, (usually directed towards the opposite sex or your strange roommate.)
Derived from the Schowalewski family.
"Julia, we're out of macaroni and cheese"

by JillyJingles January 02, 2009
noun. A nickname derived from the Hebrew "Shmuel". Pronounced in the Polish dialect as "Shmu" and in the Russian dialect as "Shmee".

"Shmuel" is the Hebrew name for the prophet, Samuel. It translates to "His name is God!".
"Shmee", in Hebrew, translates to "My name is".

"Shmee David" translates to "My name is David."


"Shmee Shmee" translates to "My name is my name is".
by oldsamII June 05, 2007