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expressing glee; happiness. a word said when one may be hyper
SHMEE! dude! she's got pockets in her shoes!

shmee! i was driving in my shmeehicle eating shmeetos.
by fatal long lost love October 04, 2007
72 33
1. a common domesticated feline pet.
2. a feline of ANY species.
That is one big furry shmee over there.
by DMW576 July 15, 2006
233 76
A multipurpose term that can express joy or disappointment.
Only the truly awesome can interpret.
Shmee. We're out of chimmy changas.
Shmee! I solved Iceland's economic crisis and found a dolphin separated from its pod all in one day!
by Bert loves Smeagol August 04, 2010
40 22
An ultimate way of living life by following the beat of the earth, blocking out bad and taking in amazingness. Living life flying high. For more info. look into the book "How to be Shmee".

"You are so Shmee"
by Author of "how to be Shmee" March 09, 2009
22 13
A misspelling of the character Smee from the Peter Pan stories. It could also be Smee's name spoken by one with a lisp.
lulz. I love the scene from the 1991 movie Hook, when Shmee says, "Shmee! Shmee! Shmee. What about Shmee? Shmee's me. What about me?"
by Was_Abi February 05, 2011
4 1
adj. an utterance exclaimed in a high pitched voice, used to ensue happinness and joy.
The word originated from the under water language of Shrumpi, spoken by Shrimp, and Seagulls. (Also used as a mating call by cniderians)
"Hey Ryan you look very cute today you sweet little muffin."
by Ryann8 March 19, 2007
10 9
Someone who is quite cute, very lovable, and bashful at times. A shmee can be your best friend, boyfriend, or small dog. Shmee's can be stinky little guys and tend to blame his/her stink on others. Everyone has a shmee in their lives.
Used in a sentence. "You're such a schmee" or "Hey guys! Look at that schmee" "shmee, i love you"
by Pismo Clams February 10, 2014
0 0