1. The cross between small and medium
2. Usually in reference to penis size
1. Can i get a Shmedium subway sandwich
2. No its not that big its only shmedium
#penis #small #medium #banana #snatch
by SecretAgentBobbers November 28, 2012
Top Definition
1. an irregular size between small and medium.

2. a adjective referring to clothes that are too small.
what size is that, a shmedium?!
#small #size #medium #big #schmedium
by Philly Flood July 09, 2006
1. any size Medium shirt (especially a T Shirt) worn by a man whose body-size would usually require a size Large shirt for comfort, worn for the accentuating affect it gives to musculature of the torso and arms; The resulting effect is similar to that of a medium-sized person wearing a size Small shirt.

2. a nickname for a man wearing such a shirt
Jeremy - "Rob, come on up here!"
Rob - "What size shirt you got on?"
Jeremy - "Fuck you."
Rob - "The price you pay when you rock a shmedium in this place."
-Season 3 Episode 8 of 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory'
#schmedium #muscle shirt #tight #too small #too fat
by MuseeRouge December 16, 2010
An extremely tight, emo or hipster t-shirt. It is irrelevant what size, but mediums and smalls are more likely
Im so emo my shmediums are makin it hard to breath
#emo #scene kids #hipster #loser #gay
by skerch wickit August 31, 2009
It is the size in between small and medium commonly used to describe the male anatomy.
"The girls eyes lit up when i whipped out my shmedium". or the abrevited version. " I have an angry little shmede."
#shmede #shmedium #penis #wiener #dick #balls
by TomCon1987 January 07, 2013
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