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Another word used by Catholic School Students for "Shit"
It smells like shmeck in the church today.
by Dylan Manning February 20, 2005
I love eating shmeck all the way.
1) Choppped potato jammys
2) cook
by negger April 29, 2004
A non-insulting substitute for "fuck". Commonly used by people who swear a lot and want to break the habit.
Person A: "Man I'm so shmecking hungry"
Person B: "What do you mean by shmeck?"
Person A: "Look it up on urban dictionary lets get some tacos"
Person B: "Yeah alright"
by Bleegggggg March 25, 2006
Another Word for Shit used by Catholic School Children.
My Food tastes like Shmeck.
by Dylan Manning February 20, 2005
A slang term for the slang term smecks (sex), that just sounds better and can be used in many situations.
Derivatives: buttshmecks, queershmecks, boobshmecks/boobyshmecks, mouthshmecks, handshmecks and anything like that.

Also see: Shmecksee.
I really wanna have shmecks with my physics teacher...
by Tyranosaurus Alan March 25, 2010