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between smuggleing and sneaking ....

*smeagle is in TLOTR but SHMEAGLE is my word
I'm so going to shmeagle that cookie from you
by carriebarr88 August 21, 2009
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Lovable little tramp in The Lord of the Rings. Often seen arguing with his inner demon "Gollum". Can be recognized by his lack of knowledge about "taters" and his habit of beating fish.
Shmeagle~~He's the nasty looking guy that bit of frodos finger.
by Greg Halloran August 17, 2006
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The word for a gross and misgrousting person. He is crusty and takes it up the butthole. He goes by many names such as Crusty Caucausian. he like to pee himself on a daily basis. When a girl starts a conversation with him, he tends to freeze up and shed his crust everywhere. Then momentarily after that, he craps himself.
Ewwwww... Its a
That guy is a shmeagle.
by The Crustiest Person September 20, 2013
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