(int., adj) a word describing something over the level of amazing, or below the level of spectacular
Alivia: How do you like my dress? I got it at Kohls!
Dana: Its shmazing Alivia! I love it!
by krafteekid May 16, 2010
Top Definition
Used to describe a person.
Meaning that they are amazing, sexy and you want to start making out with them whenever you see them. :)
Girl: So, I was at my boyfriend's house and he was totally looking Shmazing.
Friend of girl: Oh, so you wanted to totally attack him with your lips?

Girl: Chyaa, you know it. Aaron's so shmazing. ;)
Friend of girl: Wowzers! I wish I were you. He's probably amazable too.
by Jorrrdddinnn August 06, 2010
This word brings to life something that is "So" "Amazing" you can't possibly use a common word to explain it to someone. It can describe a night, an item, or a person.

I realized just how shmazing last night was when I looked at our pictures this morning!

We looked shmazing last night, I love us!

The boomerz were shmazing I've never had a trip like that before!
by ksm April 09, 2008
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