slang for cocaine. Evolved from the slang term yay (yayo). As the term yay became more popular, a new word was needed as code for coke so one could speak openly about it in public without evesdroppers become wise to the subject of the conversation. The term shmay has since evolved even further into shmizzle, or even shmizzle shmazzle... if you are not into the whole brevity thing.
Yo, wassup with some shmay tonight?
by the shmizzle dizzle March 23, 2009
Top Definition
In other words; cigarette
"Come on lets go have shmay"
"How bout shmay?"
"I love shmay"
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
SHaking My Head At You, in instant message speak. Said to convey disdain.
Guy: So baby, want to take this conversation off MySpace?


courtesy of Laura
by BitchBakers January 12, 2009
a persons private parts, or a part of body

or in the act of sex!!!!!
"when she seen my shmay it was a done deal!"

"we were shmayin' for atleast an hour!"
by shamy_myster March 30, 2010
A name you call someone that means something really really really bad. so bad that you can't explain it with bad words, but nobody really knows about it so you can get away with calling them a 'shmay'.

also used with 'soupy' before it for no apparent reason.

also used if you cant think of a name to call them at the time.
'John, you're such a (soupy) shmay!'
by E+B May 14, 2003
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