A semi-retarded monkey fucker who loves cock. See gilbert for more details.
rob (gilbert) is a douche... lets call him shmales... or maybe gilbert?
by BIG SAUCE April 04, 2005
Top Definition
A jewish hamster fish
shmales love to eat kosher flakes
by sillylove123 August 16, 2012
An A-sexual person.
A woman appearing to be a man.
What you call a manly woman.
A woman appearing to be a tranvestite.
A shmale, what else.
Mrs Drabing sure is a "SHMALE" wouldnt you say mike.
OMG Mrs Drabing, ure a "SHMALE".
I was looking for a vagina and found the opposite.
by Aaron Pettey July 24, 2004
a transexual that was born a man and transforms to a woman except for the male genitals.
Maria is a shmale because she/he hasn't had it cut off yet.
by Viky March 06, 2008
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