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stupid, lazy, chubby, middle aged; notably sleazy but not overtly sleazy (men); trashy but not overtly trashy (women)
He was a shlubby business man. He had no interesting visions, no pronounced attire. He was prone to thinking that his gimmicky ideas, dreamed up at the bar, were original and financially fruitful (he could make millions). Those around him were accustomed to listening to these ideas over and over and over....along with stories about how he was going to get some famous model to promote the business venture.

She was shlubby. She was disheveled in dress. She worked from home telemarketing or providing phone sex services. At night she goes to the bar and compliments shlubby men's ideas hoping to lasso them into bed. She is also intrigued by their conceptual money making ventures. She receives one check every month from the government and one additional check from a outside party- probably an ex-husband.
by loggie August 13, 2008
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a fat sloppy gross looking girl trying to act sexy or show off some skin
eww look at that schlubby
by goatchoker November 23, 2004
10 14