a person of absolute uselessnes
dude the Big Dizz called off again, what a shlub
by superchevycamaro October 12, 2010
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Working class man who is taken advantage of by management
Don't ask me, I'm just a poor shlub
by Miguel February 16, 2005
A pitiful guy, or sometimes girl, who may spill on himself a lot. One that makes mistakes, clumsy. Has a hardtime gettin' ahead. Winner of a Darwin award. Alt spelling: schlub
The poor shlub...he didn't know it was loaded.
by GaelicSpeakingSheepDude April 09, 2009
Someone who can't spell schlub
* Derr you're a shlub.

* Yeah, well you're a schlub.
by manhattantransfer November 28, 2012
someone who chills and drives an s-10,drinks hamms,and eats weird shit
damn, that fools a shlub!
by macks all October 12, 2007
An obese, or fat penis. Like a chode, the difference being a shlub is longer, but still very fat.
"Goddamn, i hate carrying around this shlub!"
by Mr. 7.5 April 01, 2007
An ugly person
That man is so ugly, he's a shlub!
by Mick March 21, 2004

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