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1. (pronounced shlaw-zet) A shower built into what was previously a closet. This very rare but crafty home luxury sometimes exists where a single home has been divided up into fifteen gazillion separate apartments; space and pluming are limited, so showers are built wherever possible, and rarely attached to, or even near a bathroom.

In one modern subculture that emerged in the early 2010s, commonly referred to as "shlosetist", shlosets have become a hobby, and somewhat of a cultural influence after one was discovered in the basement apartment of a disturbed individual's brother, who remains anonymous. Within this culture, shlosets are often constructed solely to facilitate frequent usage of the word, which many will agree, is fun to say. Quality shlosets are the envy of many, and are often shown to house guests who usually wrinkle their brow in bewilderment at the obsessiveness of the hobbyist. Women, still fail to understand the shloset, and almost universally refuse sexual relations with a male shlosetist, for obvious reasons, and for fears that the obsession may lead to reduced closet space within any future shared living space with a shlosetist.

2. The act of washing one's self within a shloset.

Also see: shlozet.
Bradley: Mind if I take a quick shloset?

Bryan: What the hell are you talking about?
by braddlecat April 04, 2010
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