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n. slut/whore. A person who has rampant sex in exchange for gifts rather than money.
Stay away from Mary Anne, she's a shlore. She banged 6 different dudes last week, cuz she needed them to buy her dinner.
by forNICKation99 April 11, 2011
Noun. A wannabe slut whom everyone thinks is repulsive and no man will touch unless he is intoxicated.
That girl that MJ had sex with on the Real World Philadelphia was such a shlore!
by Savannah Phillips June 08, 2005
When a woman is a little more promiscuous than a slut, but not quite enough to be catergorized as a whore. The stuck in-between level.
Dan: " Dude I went out with Heather last night!"
Nik: " Oh man, you need to stay away from her; that chicks a shlore!"
by Tompkins One July 10, 2008
an insult to an "easy" girl who moves on from guy to guy; a mixture of the words "slut" and "whore".
"She got fingered in the Sears dressing rooms by Mauricio, and now she's fucking around with Rico? Wow. What a shlore."
by reinabella October 17, 2014
noun: a slut/whore who no longer has anyfriends.
"that girl is such a Shlore for sending out naked pictures of herself!"
by Layn February 13, 2008