what u have up ur ass
Damn how'd that shlong get in there?
by Shlong Master June 05, 2003
a big pinus usally a black mans sized cock
vicky:wow adam had a big willy

lewis:are u telling me he had a shlong

vicky:about the size of an averige black man yess big

lewis:yes thtis a shlong

vicky:i had sex wid a man wid a shlong named adam
by adam hayes November 17, 2006
1) The nonscientific, and more commonly recognized name for a grossly huge, long and slimy...banana slug. A particular variety found in vegetable gardens throughout the continents capable of devouring much vegetation in a short amount of time.

2) Human penile envy in comparison to the undeniable resembalence of the banana slug to a mans penis, aka, wishful thinking, minus the green shade in color
1) Farmer John: "Dang-nabbit! Those @#*& shlongs have cleaned me out of my cucumbers!"

2) after Farmer John has taken a closer look: "Holy cucumbers, zucchini's and everything else longer than 5 inches...if I only had a shlong the size of THAT!...why, wouldn't Martha be one screamin happy hag!" (*chuckle-chuckle*)
by Jo-mama November 09, 2003
the thing that turd doesnt have
by mahad johnson March 04, 2003
a pigs shriviled limp dick after a drive by shooting.
when the pig shot at the gang members and they shot pack his shlong shiriviled up and all the niggers laffed.
by Johnney Hooligan November 04, 2003
A small winky covered with flour.
Wow, Jessie look at my shlong!
by Arrec C. the Greatest December 02, 2004
jays wang
Dam thats a nice shlong
by Jay Uhlman Represent May 20, 2003

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