A German sausage that tastes good.
I love eating shlong.
by shlongeater May 25, 2005
It's a fuckin dick!!
Hey... My <shlong> is felling happy. Would you like to fuck me?
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
Language of the Shlongonians of the aincient country SHLONGONIA!!!!!residents of this country are also called shlongs
i had a nice conversation w/ my shlong friend
by anji-mito mofuckah July 20, 2003
it is used when doing an impression of a sloth.
"look everyong im a sloth! SSSSHHHHHLLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG!!!"
by lizzie layne November 05, 2003
A man's haircut that is short in the front and long in the back; "SH"ort in front + "LONG" in back = SHLONG; a synonym of "mullet".
"Look at that guy's shlong! He needs a haircut."
by Bobozz April 16, 2003
Derives from the word "Shalong" which mean hose in Armenian.
"Karam ku shlonga mihat tesnem?"

Translation- "Can I see your hose?"
by mcskitttle323 December 23, 2005
An alternate term for a haircut popular among white trash (see mullet). Derived from the physical characteristics of the haircut, i.e. SHort in the front and LONG in the back; SHLONG. Has humorous connotations to schlong which refers to the male sexual organ. May be very humorous in usage since the bearer of a shlong may me surprised, flattered, offended, shocked or any combination of these.
1. I like your shlong dude.
2. You have a beautiful Shlong.
3. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I used to have a shlong.
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