slang for penis
put away you shlong cause I don't wanna see your dong
by blind December 10, 2003
short pants featuring extra long legs
Those gangster rappers really enjoy their shlongs
by damanian July 13, 2008

what your girlfriend sucks
I fucked her so long my SHLONG hurts
by kdawg1631 February 26, 2010
a ridiculously large penis that can only be achieved by surgery.
I was watching porn and this guy had a shlong so massive i chopped mine off in respect for it.
by i am legitimate July 21, 2009
the thing you have in your ass right now
Damn, I cant get this shlong out of my ass
by A-Rab June 06, 2003
a funny word for which oneself would use instead of saying dick or wang or penis, usually large and sloppy. it usually is just hangin out and looking shloppy
Lookin' like a fool with your shlong on the ground!
by wtfareyoulookinat April 27, 2010
reference to sonmeone who has a big penis
Damn Jim has got a big Shlong
by Jason 1228 January 21, 2010
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