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Not just a general term for the male genitalia, but one that describes a penis with substantial length and girth.
Holy shit, check out the shlong on that porn star!! He's really packin' some meat!
by Aw yeah October 14, 2003
Hairstyle coupling short bangs in the front with a long mane in the back. Originates from Short in the front, Long in the back. Business in the front, party in the rear.
The former Philly relief pitcher Mitch "Wild thing" Williams has such an awesome shlong that I thought he was a hockey player.
by M. Luther October 28, 2008
A German sausage that tastes good.
I love eating shlong.
by shlongeater May 25, 2005
it is used when doing an impression of a sloth.
"look everyong im a sloth! SSSSHHHHHLLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG!!!"
by lizzie layne November 05, 2003
Language of the Shlongonians of the aincient country SHLONGONIA!!!!!residents of this country are also called shlongs
i had a nice conversation w/ my shlong friend
by anji-mito mofuckah July 20, 2003
An alternate term for a haircut popular among white trash (see mullet). Derived from the physical characteristics of the haircut, i.e. SHort in the front and LONG in the back; SHLONG. Has humorous connotations to schlong which refers to the male sexual organ. May be very humorous in usage since the bearer of a shlong may me surprised, flattered, offended, shocked or any combination of these.
1. I like your shlong dude.
2. You have a beautiful Shlong.
3. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I used to have a shlong.
A man's haircut that is short in the front and long in the back; "SH"ort in front + "LONG" in back = SHLONG; a synonym of "mullet".
"Look at that guy's shlong! He needs a haircut."
by Bobozz April 16, 2003
A short "long black"/ long "short black" coffee.
For people that think a long black is too weak and a short black too strong.
Can I have a shlong with one sugar please?
by May 10, 2007

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