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Yiddish: cheap, tacky junk
Did you get a load of Maudie dripping in all that gold jewelry? The stuff is pure shlock.
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
A person named Shod's cock.
DAYUM, he put that shlock to good use last night ;!
by beccaisapunk November 29, 2011
When your penis is so long that, to hide it, you are required to tuck it down your pants and shove it into your sock (becomes awkward if wearing shorts)
shlock, shlock, ticitty toc, whip it out, then shove it in your sock
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
A small piece of material (similar to a sock) that covers a mans junk.
person 1: Hey John its cold in here you got a jacket?

person 2: No, but I got a shlock you can borrow.

person 1: Whats a shlock??
person 2: Its my cock cover. Fits like a sock.
by totalstud December 29, 2009
Acronym; spat/sprayed hot liquid over computer keyboard.
That was so funny I shlock - ed.
by ketanga February 18, 2007
Insult for a person who shows a lack of concern for problems.

People who consider themselves 'mature' have often discarded solutions to problems to make way for their mental comfort. Mature people are therefore shlocks. The antonym for shlock is thinker. A thinker is a far higher level of being than a lowly (albeit rich and influential) shlock. Thinkers care about intelligence and compassion whereas shlocks do not. Thinkers are advised to isolate themselves away from shlocks for the welfare of future generations, no matter how few their numbers and how lonely the isolation. Turning to the comfort of maturity is weak failure when perfection is nowhere near half way reached.
He doesn't care about the desperate at all, that fucking shlock!
by paulnicholson July 16, 2008
1. The violent act of breaking another's neck in self-defence
2. To make one pass out forcefully
Keep talking like a bitch and I'll shlock your ass out!
by Chase Dorset December 01, 2006
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