female ejaculate, she cum.
Bro, I was hooking up with Jenny last weekend, I was in the zone, I must've hit the right spot because she busted the biggest shload I've ever seen.
by sanfred January 23, 2011
Top Definition
shit load
I have a shload of work to do.
by Seamus March 10, 2003
An expression in which 'shit load' is meshed into one word. Convenient for times in which your excitement is so excess that you do not have the ability to say the two words, but instead can only produce one word from the clusterfuck of thoughts fighting to get out. Of course, this word can also be used in calm and relaxed situations so as to add humor or creativity to an otherwise stale and boring environment.
"Oh my jesus, that is a shload of blood coming out of your fucking face! Someone call the ambulance!"

"Hm. There's a shload of calories in that muffin your eating on this lovely morning, George."
by Manganjapoo January 22, 2009
An abbreviation of the phrase "shit loads".
I've got shloads of laundry to do this weekend.
by ravingloon August 05, 2005
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