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feemale equiv of fap
She shlicks to fall out boy posters.
by edwardts May 02, 2008
15 1
The onomatopoeic representation of female masturbation.
"Hey, that girl looks horny enough to shlick right now."
by Urban Dictionary February 05, 2004
1472 197
Schlick, or schlicking, is the sound supposedly made when a girl/woman masturbates. Urban Dictionary has recorded its usage as a slang since 2003.

The name derived from Japanese comics not long after the word FAP was invented (Fap is the word used for male masturbation sounds in Japanese comics).
Shanon Lee: I want to play with myself...


Shanon Lee: Ahhhh.. that felt great!
by Dr. Alice Berg January 18, 2012
224 73
when you realize a dog just licked you after eating his or her own shit.
"Cleo shlicked me right on the face this morning!"
by bph4eva October 29, 2004
98 816
very cool, stylish, or suave.
- Hey, did you see that guy's shlick car?
- Yeah, man, it was so freakin shlick!
by K Pittman September 02, 2005
97 860