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a combination of having short legs, shlegs
Maddie: Debbie, can you reaching that peice of paper with your foot?

Debbie: Sorry, can't I have shlegs
by singer201998 July 13, 2009
To have legs covered in shit from either not washing or stepping into a knee deep load of shit.
"my legs are covered in shit, i've got shlegs"
by Lee Tatlock February 05, 2004
you have shmeg coming down your leg
Man I had some massive wank last night I forgot to wipe it off and its all dried on my leg I got shleg
by shleg clan July 04, 2009
Stands for "Small-Head-Lazy-Eye-Girl."
"Dude, that girl is a total SHLEG."
by anakinface2 December 22, 2008