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A sheep that has been crossbred with a clam.
Look, I've found a shlam!
by Evil Monkey From Your Closet November 07, 2003
16 6
(noun, verb) Simple synonym used for anything you're describing or talking about, but not important enough to really say.
1. "Hey man, have you seen my guitar shlams?"
2. "I just ate some bomb ass shlams"

1. "You trying to holla at my homie? Shlam it up girl!"
by .Jerkk. {Panda] February 27, 2008
6 1
A word used to dignify an old/bad pun or joke.
Hubert: A-Rod sucks for the Yankees right now.
Reginald: A-Rod? More like GAY-rod.
Hubert: Shlam.
by Kingly Focus April 30, 2007
2 1