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to suck, blow, be stupid, kinda like when a thirtyfour year old doesnt have to be drunk to act like a two year old.
that thirtyfour year old is shkank when he/she sucks cock/vagina down at the local hick tavern for that extra shot of good ole wild turkey.
by Peter Berg February 15, 2007
A skank-shank

A homade dildo made and used in all-woman prisons/by homosexuals in all man-prisons
yo white girl you take my shkank?
by bootycall er27 July 20, 2010
A more kind and humorous way of announcing that someone is a skank. While skank gets to the harsher side of the definition, shkank is a more laidback term usually used in a joking state of mind.
Steve - Joshua, YOU are a dirty shkank
Boys - Ahahaha
Josh - What did I do?...You know what Steve, your MOM is a dirty shkank
by elephantshavewrinkles April 24, 2007
another word for thanks
oh shkanks or no shkanks

would you like some pop

no shkanks
by sentralia April 28, 2007