used with 'the', it defines something as cool, or awesome.
Dude, that car's the shizzy
by AgentUnderscore_ May 07, 2003
ADJ; (Shi-zee) 1. Having shizz: Any person place or thing which is said to have shizz 2. Exceptional on the shizz-meter.
Man, Allisons boyfriends mom sure cooks up some SHIZZY Egyptian food!
by TheSHIZZYguy May 13, 2010
(noun) shit, esp. in the sense meaning "stuff" (adverb) of poor quality, or of good quality, depending on context
Where's my shizzy at? (stuff)
I stepped in some shizzy today. (shit)
That stuff is shizzy! (good)
He did a shizzy job on his report. (poor)
by Diggs February 17, 2003
Something that is rubbish, crap or shitty. Other usages include shizzyswaar for added impact or shiz as an abbrieviated term.
"The shiz" refers to something that is very good. Shiz just used on its own however is used to describe something that is bad.
This lack of crummies is shiz.
Your face is shizzy.
What a shizzyswaar, the ningas are coming to kick my ass!
These crummies are the shiz!
by Kim, Josh and Bex September 14, 2007
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