stuff. kinda like shit, but in a cooler way. your personal stuff.
Check out my shizzle
by olivia January 09, 2004
Urban word created by snoop himself to signafy that it iz Da shizznat or the shit
That's tha Shizzle my nigga
by craemer Schockaert November 04, 2003
In Jamaica "Shizzle" or "Shizzle my Nizzle" is used as a greeting. Similar to "what's up?"
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
To chill out, relax, calm down
Shizzle man- relax man, chill, calm dwn
Shizzle with ma girl- chillin with ma girl (H)
by Harry Webster the 1st August 09, 2003
for sure, it's a done deal, usually used to confirm the validity of one's game....
I got all the game and dats fo shizzle my nizzle dizzle.....
by AKA your daddy May 01, 2003
Sure. It can mean lots of things, like yes, hell yes (excited yes), damn, shit, fuck, asshole, bastard, shit, shit (as in defacating, as in I'm gonna go make a shizzle), and general useage. Perfect word, it sounds good, and it works as anything. Make's a great explanation point.
Fo shizzle ma wizzle in da hizzle of carroltonizzle. What's up, shizzle? Shizzle! I lost my 20! SHIZZLE! I WON THE LOTTERY!
by Ross July 22, 2004
what ur 11 year old brother says to be cool when ur friends are around.
you: hey bro, get me a coke.
friend: make that two junior
brother: golly gee sure sis oops umm i mean fo shizzle dogs.
mom: hon! don't use thug slang terms in my household!
by deenie July 02, 2004
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