The term was coined when that great Antarctic explorer, Iyam Colderenhel, was on a solo expedition to find the South Pole. Iyam had a penchant for hot seal blubber, and would often consume it at night to chase away the evening chill. It ended up being his doom. One night, while cooking an especially large batch for himself and his sled dogs, he slipped on some ice and spilled the boiling blubber on to his face and chest. It burned away his epidermis, but he actually ended up freezing to death. He managed to write a few words in his journal before he died: "I'm shivering! I'm sizzling! SHIZZLE! SHIZZLE!"
The man was dismayed when the molten lava fried off his arm, but it didn't matter much as someone poured a bucket of liquid nitrogen over his head. He was *shizzled*.
by Kroltan Fukrboy April 22, 2005
From the Latin shizzleorum

adj: good, preferable
Those shoes are the shizzle
by Your mom December 09, 2003
the niggerized version of the words "sure" or "shit".
"fo shizzle mah nigga!"
"dat ride be da shizzle!"
by jaybo_dci April 29, 2008
Serious. To be serious.
Maria, "Oh, my god. We have sub. in our English class. She's a total bitch!"
Justin,"Are you shizzle?"
by Scarlett Franchesca April 04, 2008
The introduction of fecal matter into the common bar-b-que.
Shit & sausage sizzle = 'Shizzle'
by King of the shunt August 05, 2006
Gangster talk and is used on the street
that shizzle was the bomb
by B-rad g from the heesie February 25, 2005
Shizzle, a cross between shit and fizzle, is used as every part of speech that "Fuck" is used as... meaning EVERYTHING! In fact, you can just add izzle to make it tizzizite... watch the mad-gic.
"Fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mah home g-dizzle."
"Check out this shizzlin dizzle nizzle, its fo rizzle"
"Shut the shizzle up, you son of a bizzle!"
"Go to hizzle!"
by Pun Dawgy Dawg May 20, 2004
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