A word used to describe something.
Another word for s**t.
Any random shizzle.
You're the shizzle.
by EISando December 28, 2013
Shizzle is directly replaceable with "shit". the suffix "izzle" came from the very first rap songs, where the rapper would use "izzle" instead of swearing.
"Shizzle my nizzle!" can translate to "Shit my nigger!"
by chris wong March 12, 2007
Shit and jizz placed into a blender and mixed into a juice. A deadly combination.
I just pored Shizzle on your head...
by Zaccarato December 23, 2010
Thank god for Snoop Dog who brought the word upon our ignorant ears :)
Fo' shizzle dizzle
And you can't forget about the big
snoopy D O double G-izzle
by redcoresuperstar February 14, 2009
shizzle means "sure", shizzle is the shine on the sure - the real 100% sure that gleams
it shizzle the drizzle away

we gonna chung the bizzle fo shizzle ma nizzle

Oh for shizzle thats makin me want to bang the bizzle
by chung champ October 29, 2007
My stuff also it can be you possecions
Don't grab mi shizzle.
by Linzzzz January 21, 2008
1. Random exclamation
2. suck
1. Oh, Shizzle!

2. Shizzle ma Nizzle
by Smitty2000 October 12, 2006
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