This word can be substituted for any word you want.
What the shizzle?
Dude, look at that shizzle.
Man my shizzle is all shizzled up.
by tWaN June 07, 2003
what ur 11 year old brother says to be cool when ur friends are around.
you: hey bro, get me a coke.
friend: make that two junior
brother: golly gee sure sis oops umm i mean fo shizzle dogs.
mom: hon! don't use thug slang terms in my household!
by deenie July 02, 2004
Another way of saying "BETTER KNOW DAT."
For Sure!
This ain't what you want playa! FO SHIZZLE.!!
by Like That November 13, 2003
In popular slang, any word that begins with sh or the sh sound.
"Fo shizzle" (For Sure)
"Look at this shiz(zle)" Shit
by Jackson July 25, 2003
(Melbourne Australia shaolin dialect) to relieve oneself of pent up liquids within the body
geez mate i drank too much.....hang here guys, i need to go shizzle
by Mikey July 16, 2003
Gangster version for "Shit".
"Oh shizzle, the price of gasoline raised again!"
by Paul Cohen May 17, 2006
A cute way to say the word "shit", popularized by the rapper Snoop dog.
Yo, ma nigga, dem crackers sho be speaking some bull shizzle about us.. Why dey thank we ain't edumacated?
by freshbrood March 11, 2005
Pinache. Sparkle. PIzzaz.
Dam cuz. You gotta put da shizzle on dat.
by pimp daddy September 26, 2003

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