This word can be substituted for any word you want.
What the shizzle?
Dude, look at that shizzle.
Man my shizzle is all shizzled up.
by tWaN June 07, 2003
a word white girls like liz use to sound cool, but its ok because sometimes they happen to be the hottest girl around
fo shizzle
by jo mamma February 07, 2004
Shizzle is an abreviation of the term 'shizzle ma nizzle' meaning 'suck my cock'
yo bitch, shizzle ma nizzle
by Mattingy July 23, 2005
it is a bodily function that follows a night of mammoth drinking binge. authentic shizzles can be achieved if a doner kebab is consumed and the person gets out of his/her bed early and tries to get on with his/her day on an empty stomach. usually accompanied by an absent, gaunt and puffy face.

can be identify by the rectal heat and curious smell of dustbins that have been left in the sun to long

"oh dear malcom, have you shizzled again? you have a sick arse"
"oh deary me. have you just shizzled again? thats awful. you look like death, man"
by proppacuppatea October 08, 2005
A general nod of agreement, some times emphatically. Can be used as a substitute for "sure". I'm glad black people don't have jobs, so they can think up new words and phrases all day.
"Beyonce sure is lookin fine tonight."

"Thats Fo' Shizzle!"

Comment submitted with request to Delete: ""i'm glad black people don't have jobs..." ugh, doesn't this person KNOW any black people? how horrid."
by T Bergen October 21, 2003
another term for someones meat rocket..aka aka penis. One that is large that chicks love to dominate.
YO!! Chick in the red car...My boy Dorean wants to show you his FAT SHIZZLE!!!
by Bob Burner September 01, 2004
2/ conquor
3. to agree with
1.Shizzled yo mamma
3. Fo Shizzle
by cracker March 17, 2005
Joey from YUGIOH cuz he looks like his name should B "shit"
Shizzle cokifyde Mai
by Chilvan Kiyama December 30, 2003

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