used as an alternative to "fuckin hell!" or "fuck me!" when feeling shocked or startled.
well shizzle ma nizzle, this is sum strong shit!!!
by Baggott December 13, 2006
Top Definition
it means for sure my nigger.
Invented by prisoners who add "izzle" to everything when they are talking on the prison phone so anyone listening wont know what they are actually talking about.
Go to wizzle 51 stizzle and the gizzles will be there.
Ok for shizzle ma nizzle

Go to west 51st street and the guns will be there.
ok for sure my nigger.
by mikehunt8710 January 08, 2006
shizzle ma nizzle means "for sure ma nigger"
e.g. shizzle ma nizzle this is sum heavy shit man.
by StevieG8 July 15, 2005
To force someone to pay the money they owe you.
Mike:Shawn, isn't dat ur ho?
Shawn:Yeah, hey ho, shizzle-ma-nizzle!!
by ShawH. March 08, 2008
used by pimps and homeboys as an exclamation of excitement, shock or joy
- "Shizzle ma nizzle, that is some good weed!"
by weeabix February 22, 2005
Read backround written by Weeabix. But can also mean "for sure, my nizzle"
"Can i hav a puff?"
"Fo' shizzle ma nizzle!"
by Gibbo April 20, 2005
Said in an over dramatised accent, Used as an exclamation.

Actually means "shit my nigger" although not used in that context in this case.
"will you come over here and look at this?"
on looking:
"Shizzle ma Nizzle!"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
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