the best the coolest the shit nothing better
abby is "the shiznit", she buy yall cars
by a~dawg January 02, 2004
an name for an object that you cant remember the name for. the more graduated form thingamabob or gizmo.
dont click this shiznit, it will take you back to this word.
by Stacey December 29, 2003
the shit
Thats the shiznit!
by Tom November 25, 2003
When Someone such as a football player thinks highly of themselves. And thinks they Are the shiznits.
Person: what about marko?

Person 2: oh him? He thinks he is the shiznits!!??
by koolaidcutie June 30, 2010
like, urban dictionary is, like, so totally the SHIZNIT!!!!
by kittykat1234567890 April 14, 2009
A hilarious comic made and distributed throughout ireland by a guy called Bob Byrne
Dude have you read the "shiznit" its hilarious!!!!!!
by Fearon August 24, 2005
a word porplexing the relativity that something else is "awesome"
amy is the shiznit, i met her not that long ago, but she is.
by mike March 12, 2005

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