Another word for: "Oh Sh*t!", "Shoot!" or, "Oh rats!" An Exclamation.
"I dropped my pudding, oh shiznit's!"
by B-Rad, the whiteboy malibu rapper February 23, 2004
Man, you hear dat new Snoop Dogg tape? It's da shiznit!
by LiL KRAYZiE DA SUPER BALLA December 31, 2006
meaning to be cool, or awesome
amy is the shiznit, in our school.
adjective 2:
amy is the shiznitest person in the world.
by mike March 11, 2005
1. A word that retards use to describe something cool.
2. A word used in place of shit.
1. That is the shiz-nit yo!
2.Oh shiz-nit! I stuck my penis in the electrical outlet again!
by A. Blake December 02, 2003
When something is amazing, cool
When Glo goes to Vegas to the strip clubs and gets a lap dance, that's the shiznit!
by JTo May 23, 2003
another way to say shit
Shiz nits!

Dude what happened?!?!

I freakin' hit my toe against the table leg!
by emoteddylion June 27, 2012
Euphemism for "shit". Often used when in the middle of "shit" when you remember you shouldn't cuss in front of children.
"Oh shi...znit i forgot i was supposed to pay the phone bill!"

"Mommy, what does shiznit mean?"
by ocdbludsuker January 24, 2010

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