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A very discreet way of saying shit.

Sometimes is mistaken for away of saying something is cools.
Todd: Hey we have a test today.

Bob: Oh freakin shiznits!!

Todd: ? I guess you studied...?
by Murielle May 05, 2009
when something is so cool. or off tha chain. Another word for shit. Made popular by Snoop Dogg.
Nigga1: "Yo you like ma rhymes?"

Nigga2: "Damn fool, yo lines is da shiznit!"
by eastside4life June 27, 2006
something that is cool and desirerable. something that doesn't get in your way
Her sangin is the Shiz nit!
by cutemom May 28, 2003
u no, THE SHIT, inexplicably cool
chessie is the shiz-nit

nick, we so0o0o0o0o gotta go to the chinese christian church, its the shiz-nit
by Cookie October 03, 2004
a slang version of shit
That new car is the shiznit
by pepsiplunge95 May 10, 2008
1.The greatest, the best ever, simply the shit...

2.A track on the Snoop Dogg's classic hip hop album Doggystyle. One of the toughest joints on that record.
1. A:Hey, what yo think bout that beat man?

B:Maan, this beat goes hard, it's the shiznit!

2. A: I love Doggystyle couse Jin&Juice was the track that brought Snoop on the top of the game!

B:You don't know shit, if you had actually listened to the record you would know The Shiznit is the best track on it!
by thesinner92 September 01, 2010
To be the "bomb" or extremely cool. popular. As seen in "Malibu's Most Wanted."
"I'm the shiz-nit"
by Anonymous April 19, 2003