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a scrunched up person.. created either from birth of two shiznicks or a person who got scrunched up at the shiznick factory
"so why did you become a shiznick dawg?"
"well my wife is one and in order to have children i must become one to"
by Brandon Reichardt December 17, 2007
3 15
PG-13 version of saying something is "the shit". Meaning something is cool or awesome.
"That new album is the shiznick."
by anjai December 23, 2003
61 11
Used to describe something that is both cool, and currently in fashion
guy1: Man, that bowling ball is the Shiznick!

guy2: Yeah, i Know!
12 2
1) A word describing a extreme state of excitement and or enthusiasm
2) A word a moment of high depression and grief
1) You got a C+ on that exam motha fuckee............shiznick!!!!!!!!
2) Damn yo i bust a nut up in that hoe and got the bitch pregnaaant.... shizzznickkk.......
by the runco's February 09, 2003
11 26
Pass the shiznick
by Phat Cat April 13, 2003
11 35