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Exclamation, an expression of surprise. Both negative and positive connotations. Derivative of 'damn'
Shizam! I'm late for work!
by prolinium November 26, 2002
1. usually said when excited

2. a kid-friendly way of saying "shit"
1. Peter griffen: ohhh ohhh ohhh SHIZZZAAAAMMMM

2. Oh shizam
by quiksliver September 24, 2006
Interjection used when surprised.
Shizam! That chick has a set of knockers!
by Anonymous January 25, 2003
DF2 {BA} squad member
Shizam the king of spam.
by Shoe Chew October 30, 2003
A foul, smelling, liquid shit aka diarrhea
I just took a huge shizam
I gave birth to a shizam

Plural: I'm having the shizams
by Potpourri May 09, 2006