its when a guy fucks a girl in the ass and busts a fat nut and the next morning she takes a milky shit thanks to you.thats shiz
the other weekend my buddy and his girl had butt sex and in the morning she shit cum,perfect example of shiz
by ctown30 February 21, 2009
when you shit and cum at the same time.
"...damn i can't help it...but everytime she goes down on me i shiz myself"
by Rory H. credit to Sonia March 14, 2010
A combination of the word "Shit" and the word "Jizz."

First used by homosexual men to describe their excrement after sexual intercourse.

Related words: shiznet, shizzle, shizzy
Holy shiz! I've never seen a chick that fugly!
by NugleShugle January 10, 2010
Taking a dump on a friends mum's cheast.
i had a shiz time with your mum last night, it was freeking awsome, it was all over her chest!!
by shiz man January 25, 2009
The act of attempting to push out a shit so hard that one's prostate gland gets stimulated causing one to flacidly ejaculate...thus resulting in a Shiz, see also Jit
My roomate is stupid and doesn't know when to stop pushing before he drops an o ring, and he came while pooping aka Shiz
by Sacuand0710 May 08, 2008
"The Shit" (in a good way)

The be all, end all.

The absolute best.

Top of the the line.

That boy thinks he's the Shiz.

That <product> is just The Shiz!

by GandalfRat May 25, 2006
A verbal replacement for Shit.
That was the shiz!
by Cameron Leslie February 04, 2003
Another Definition of "shit" Vulgar
YO Dat is Tha Shiz!
"Yo That is the Shit"
by Illusion January 02, 2003
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