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its when a guy fucks a girl in the ass and busts a fat nut and the next morning she takes a milky shit thanks to you.thats shiz
the other weekend my buddy and his girl had butt sex and in the morning she shit cum,perfect example of shiz
by ctown30 February 21, 2009
a term used to express many emotions merged together, simply as one word.
" family guy is the shiz "
by saBbaa July 10, 2006
Stuff. I want stuff...I want shiz!
Ive got a new blog...send me comments and shiz and i love you forever!
by Andy May April 02, 2006
another form of "sure"
Yea, you're right-fo' shiz
by qsays August 01, 2005
no fixed definition:

(1) insultive
(2) pure exclamation
(3) adjective meaning the best
(4) term of affection
(5) can be defined with 'ma niz' to make a general exclamation, usually used to express outrage, agner or enthusiasm
(1) what did you do that for you shiz?
(2) shiz! that was amazing
(3) that was the shiz
(4) hey shiz! (as in hey chick, hey girlfriend etc)
(5) shiz ma niz!

or, alternatively, make up your own definition - its one of those words that can be placed anywhere...
by GGG July 08, 2005
A way of explaining something around that older people without getting them too upset.
This shirt loks like shiz grandmama. That shiz it tight tho.
by Jasmine Gordon July 07, 2005
1. Sure or For Sure, most likely derived from "Fo' Shiz" or "Fo' Shizzle"
2. Shit. Most likely derived from "Shizzit."
Marisa: Hey, are you going to Battle of the Bands?
Alison: Shiz man.

"What a piece of shiz!"
by Alison May 15, 2005
Commonly mistaken for a swear word, but quite honestly completly innocent. It is often used to represent one's anger.
Ahh SHIZ! i forgot my language arts assignment where I am currently attending at the 9th grade freshman center in Chaska, Minnesota.
by Muhammad Ali May 05, 2005