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its when a guy fucks a girl in the ass and busts a fat nut and the next morning she takes a milky shit thanks to you.thats shiz
the other weekend my buddy and his girl had butt sex and in the morning she shit cum,perfect example of shiz
by ctown30 February 21, 2009
Is clipping, which came from the word of "Schizophrenia". Often used as a replacement to: describe something psychedelic or recount somebody's insanity. This word is also often compared to the word "shit".
That movie was a total shiz. I didn't understand a thing.
by chuppakabra July 29, 2011
Shiz is a combination of sperm and feces that is produced by a human. One will preform the act of shizing if he/she wants to obtain the highest level of satisfaction.
Chris walked up to a apartment building covered in shiz. He looked down at the street and admired the dense shiz that was surrounding his feet. As he opened the door to the apartment building, he saw a figure off into the distance that nearly made him ejaculate in his pants. Maya was standing before him covered in shiz. They immediately started to have rough intercourse until chris shized on Maya's face.
by shizmaster5000 March 24, 2011
To be in such a stage of fright that one experiences a bowel movement and ejaculation.
Joe was so terrified and surprised when Charles jumped out and scared him he shizzed.
by C4PO July 08, 2010
Shiz: A mixture of shit and jizz
Ill rather eat bull SHIZ instead of doing this exam.
by killerzofall April 06, 2010
when you shit and cum at the same time.
"...damn i can't help it...but everytime she goes down on me i shiz myself"
by Rory H. credit to Sonia March 14, 2010
A combination of the word "Shit" and the word "Jizz."

First used by homosexual men to describe their excrement after sexual intercourse.

Related words: shiznet, shizzle, shizzy
Holy shiz! I've never seen a chick that fugly!
by NugleShugle January 10, 2010
The odd mixture of shit and jizz sometimes found in scat porno movies. It varies in size and content ratio, but ultimately retains its universal milk chocolate color.
"Oh dude, did you see that shiz in the porno movie I sent you?" Says random dude.

"I was fapping so hard to it!" Says other random dude.

"Ugh, you guys are sick." So says the third random person.
by Dontfapatmedood August 12, 2009