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Form of sh*t
Jackie, Brittany, and Jackie's mom are watching TV

Jackie: Did you know that Bernie Mac died?
Jackie's mom: Holy sh*t!
Brittany: Holy shiz!
by CrAziiTxTr August 09, 2008
another word for shit.
shiz, man i got grounded for a whole year.
by Phil Kong December 03, 2007
something great or wonderful
That movie was the shiz! It was the best movie ive seen in 2 years!
by Patrick Martin September 07, 2003
Verb. To simultaneously shit and jizz oneself, usually in response to a situation eliciting both fear and excitement (or arousal).
The thought of fucking his pet hedgehog was so exciting, he shizzed his pants.
by RichieBollocks February 19, 2009
a word used to replace the swearword "shit" in an awkward situation in which one shouldn't swear.

aka... babysitting, Christmas dinner, fancy party, classroom situations
by tangerinesea October 31, 2010
syn. for shit - vulgar usage
I ain't buyin' any of that shiz...
by shIZ March 31, 2003
the powdery stuff at the bottom of cereal bags, bags of chips, and bags of corn nuts.
Gosh danggit, why do i always get the shiz in my cereal bowl?
by Pete Paulos April 06, 2003
the exciting mixure of "shit" and "jizz."
-- it's what you get when you have buttsex!
I woke up today with shiz all over my ass.
by G. Dizzle October 05, 2003