Stuff. I want stuff...I want shiz!
Ive got a new blog...send me comments and shiz and i love you forever!
by Andy May April 02, 2006
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another word for shit.
shiz, man i got grounded for a whole year.
by Phil Kong December 03, 2007
something great or wonderful
That movie was the shiz! It was the best movie ive seen in 2 years!
by Patrick Martin September 07, 2003
Verb. To simultaneously shit and jizz oneself, usually in response to a situation eliciting both fear and excitement (or arousal).
The thought of fucking his pet hedgehog was so exciting, he shizzed his pants.
by RichieBollocks February 19, 2009
A word that kids use when they aren't allowed to say sh*t or crap.

Popularized by the show ICarly.
You can really say it in any situation, If your happy, mad, excited, or scared.
That's the Shiz.
Aww Shiz!
Oh Shiz my moms gonna kill me.
I just shizzed my pants!
by HeyyyyyyyGirlllllItttsKyleighh February 17, 2015
a word used to replace the swearword "shit" in an awkward situation in which one shouldn't swear.

aka... babysitting, Christmas dinner, fancy party, classroom situations
by tangerinesea October 31, 2010
Shiz is a combination of sperm and feces that is produced by a human. One will preform the act of shizing if he/she wants to obtain the highest level of satisfaction.
Chris walked up to a apartment building covered in shiz. He looked down at the street and admired the dense shiz that was surrounding his feet. As he opened the door to the apartment building, he saw a figure off into the distance that nearly made him ejaculate in his pants. Maya was standing before him covered in shiz. They immediately started to have rough intercourse until chris shized on Maya's face.
by shizmaster5000 March 24, 2011
a word to describe anything, where you could also use the word shit, but you don't have to.
eg. Hand me that shiz over there, so I can put it in the shiz.
by wallass August 18, 2008

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