A more emphatic version of the word shit. Used by only the most elite.
Mplicit - "so what up with that girl.. the one with the knockers"

Cruk'D - "i daddy long stroked dat sit esse, had her hyperventilatin bendin like a pretzel"

by Mplicit August 27, 2008
Top Definition
chick as in a girl,,babe,,sexxy lady
the song "white shix" by Chingo bling
I be rollin with my white shix
by cows go moo yo December 24, 2005
Combo between Shux and Shit.
Shix I think I lost my fone.
by syrreal June 30, 2009
george metz has no scrotum
Shix! Shix! Shix !
by Mr. Thomas Hutchison August 18, 2004
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