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Hot, fun, and smart gal. She may seem quiet but is actually wild in bed!
Guy 1: What'd you do last night?
Guy 2: I had me a Shivangi. It was wild!
by bobthebuilder123321 October 14, 2011
The most amazing person in the entire world. She is known for her niceness & amazing-ness. Used in substitute for kind acts.
Aw, thanks for picking up my books, your such a Shivangi/that was such a shivangi thing to do!
by blah blah blah blah :) August 28, 2009
the word to describe a girl with sweaty armpits, cold sores, greasy hair, effed up cough, crooked teeth, and who looks and acts retarded and super dnl in public. gross.
Tara: dude, that girl is naaaaasty

Kaitlyn: ...she's obviously a shivangi.
by tarathesexymofo June 12, 2011