The dumbass' way of spelling shih-tzu.
Person A) OMG i jus gotta new shitzu omg itss soooo cute!!!!11
Person B) *head asplodes*
by I can spell March 30, 2005
Top Definition
A zoo with no animals?
by DaveA October 23, 2003
a word used when you are saying shit in front of an adult.
Boyfriends's mother: You forgot the tickets.
You: Shit...zus are my favorite animals
by darkchocolate June 03, 2005
A type of dog. Kids in school 11 and below say it in school to substitute a word for "SHIT!" said so they wont get in trouble.
(teacher)Sorry Jimmy, you failed on this test.
(Jimmy)AW SHITZU MY MOM WILL KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by THATAWKWARDGUY6996 January 28, 2014
my dog "Buddy"
i have a shitzu
by Josh July 13, 2003
Ewoks,ewoks from star wars. See the similarities. Are'nt they cute. As a guy I have 5 male Shitzu's and 5 diff. girlfriends. They've been a big help heheh! YU dog....
When he starts hugging your leg it means he likes you.
by Doggie styl July 21, 2003
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