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1) a whore who acheives sexual stimulation from fecal matter.
2) a whore who is not of high quality
3) Something to yell when a point of complete frustration has arrived.
4) Oprah
1) Holy fuck. Did you see that women put that feces in her cunt? She's a regular shitwhore!
2) That whore sucked. God damn shitwore.
3) JESUS CHRIST! I lost my wallet. SHITWHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) Did you see shitwhore today? It was her favorite things episode!
by saxjoephone November 23, 2004
A person who fucks anything, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, sheep, cat...etc
Bob is a shit whore.
by Rey Jr. March 30, 2003
A dumb bitch who is excessively slutty, annoying, and a skanky cunt. Shitwhores often congregate together and have borderline shitwhore friends.
That shitwhore Anne would make more money working the street corner than over at Josh's Condom Emporium.

Dude, you said shitwhore and she's standing right there. Put a quarter in the shitwhore jug.
by orphankill May 08, 2011