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Shittyit is an adjective, used to describe: one's old friends, one's drunk friends, someone else's friends, and people you just dont like.

Can be used singular, or in the plural form to represent a group of shittyits

Shittyits, tend to leave everything behind, ranging from garbage to booze, ipods and weed, shittyits are extremely stupid, and easy to steal from.

Shittyits, tend to pop up at the worse times, usually causing headaches, claustrophobia, and early stages of extreme anger, angst and agitation.

Shittyits, also tend to leave monster bongs on the coffe table blocking your once perfect view of the tv.

Shittyits, also tend to flock to the least liked of your friends, or roomates, so they can show up and ruin your day.
Glen: Maybe we should get a sign: "NO SHITTYITS BEYOND THIS POINT"
by jarmz June 12, 2012
Drunk and stupid people or behavior
"you guys are a bunch of god damm shittyits", "After that funnel, hes gonna acting like a shittyit".
by burnside4202 June 09, 2009

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